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<midfavila>idk maybe you could hack something up in awk and shell to generate kiss packages from oasis config files
<midfavila>then use those to generate rootfses
* midfavilashrugs
<sad_plan>yeah, I was thinking about trying to use the oasis config file as far as I could. I suppose I could package more or less everything except the browser part. seeing as webkit i.e. or firefox is just not feasable to do that way..
<sad_plan>I just need to figure out how it worked. I did try to package fzy, just to try something simple, but ive yet to figure out how I was supposed to include the config.h file, which I needed. Ill look into it next week I suppose. ill be working late, and people might actually be online then :')
<joshsmt>Hello guys
<joshsmt>how can i install a specific package that has the same name as a package that is already in another repository?
<sad_plan>joshsmt: the same way you install every other package?
<sad_plan>just cd into its dir, and kiss b
<midfavila>you can cd into a directory and kiss b without an argument to forcibly build the package- yeah
<midfavila>i believe you can also provide a path to the specific package you want
<joshsmt>but when this package updates, will it update the other one?
<sad_plan>no, that doesnt actually work. ive tried that the other day.
<sad_plan>its updated when the repo which has the highest priority updates it
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<joshsmt>to put a repository with high property, you just need to put it first, right?
<sad_plan>it just needs to be higher than the other one. or you could make a local repo, with only that package symlinked, and put that on top. essesntually just creating an override
<joshsmt>oh ok thx
<sad_plan>if you have repo1 and repo2, in you KISS_PATH, and you want pkg x from repo2 to be used, repo2 either has to be over repo1, or youd have to create a override like I said
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<phinxy>Is there a kbd package with loadkeys to generate binary keymaps?
<phoebos>bkeymaps has some
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