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<illiliti>i just recovered from covid19
<wael[m]>HI ILLILITI
<illiliti>took a week with a 40 degree fever
<testuser[m]>illiliti: hi
<illiliti>still feel bad, but better than 2 days ago
<testuser[m]>Good to see you back
<midfavila>yeah covid isn't great
<midfavila>i got it a while back
<midfavila>suspect my housemates brought it back, considering I avoid going out as much as possible
<testuser[m]>illiliti is the draft situation gonna get any better
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<illiliti>i'm a bit overwhelmed by amount of shit i need to do, so i'll proceeded slowly
<testuser[m]>i mean war draft
<testuser[m]>not muon lol
<testuser[m]>> On Sept. 21, Russia's President Vladimir Putin announced 300,000 men would be drafted to fight in his invasion of Ukraine
<testuser[m]>I mean this one
<illiliti>no i don't think so
<illiliti>it will only get worse
<illiliti>cuz putin is losing war
<testuser[m]>Sounds crazy to hear such shit happening in this day and age
<illiliti>very much expected shit in dictatorship
<illiliti>where people have no power at all
<illiliti>no elections, no protests, no law
<illiliti>nothing is working
<illiliti>only precise airstrike at putin's head will work
<illiliti>i think it's safe to say that this country is a fail state
<illiliti>always have been tbh
<illiliti>can you imagine that people here get imprisoned for criticizing the goverment, putin, everything
<wael[m]>are you unable to move?
<illiliti>and then tortured in that prison
<illiliti>i am
<wael[m]>why is that
<illiliti>i have reasons
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