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<ominous_anonymou>12:54 -cadmium.libera.chat- *** Notice -- You need to identify via SASL to use this server
<kiedtl>Ah, are you using TOR?
<kiedtl>If not, it's possible your IP range was blacklisted for some reason
<kiedtl>You'll need to configure your client to use SASL, then reconnect :v
<ominous_anonymou>it's a digital ocean droplet
<ominous_anonymou>not using TOR
<kiedtl>I dunno, you could temporarily enable SASL and talk to a staffer
<kiedtl>Unless the whole digital ocean ip range was blocked? I dunno
<kiedtl>but hey, SASL is pretty useful :>
<ominous_anonymou>i have sasl enabled
<ominous_anonymou>on my bouncer
<ominous_anonymou>apparently just had to restart my droplet... weird
<omanom>kiedtl i can see it
<kiedtl>lol, was trying to figure out how rasengan's latest Counter Cancel Culture :tm: bot worked
<helpfixX>I am getting a font error whenever I try to launch xorg, what do I do? i have fontconfig, terminus-font, libreation-fonts, xorg-server, libinput, xf86-video-amdgpu, sowm, and xinit installed. will post xorg log shortly
<helpfixX>https://pastebin.com/raw/j0AFvfus is xorg log
<helpfixX>https://pastebin.com/raw/6rN7pu7U is dmesg output
<kiedtl>helpfixX: see the /topic
<kiedtl>also, helpfixX, what led you here? is there an outdated webpage that needs updating?
<kiedtl>helpfixX: do /topic
<kiedtl>Like, type "/topic"
<kiedtl>helpfixX: and see https://k1sslinux.org/irc
<kiedtl>We've moved the channel
<helpfixX>it says "you are not a channel operator
<kiedtl>You're probably typing something after the "/topic"?
<kiedtl>Anyways, this is what I see: "Moved to #kisslinux @ libera.chat"
<helpfixX>ok i went to the other irc
<kiedtl>Just go to https://web.libera.chat, that should take care of it
<kiedtl>ah, I see you there
<fehawen>Just noticed there was some activity on dylan araps github very recently. Guess he's recovered now and taking small steps back into the world of computers. Nice to see.
<omanom>hi fehawen everyone has moved over to libera chat, just an FYI
<kiedtl>Wow... now that's a user I haven't seen in a while
<kiedtl>It's amazing how many people don't read topics
<omanom>to be fair i rarely look either haha
<omanom>and yeah, hopefully they're back to play around with kiss again!
<kiedtl>wrong server
<Sweets>how so
<kiedtl>this is freenode
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