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<kiedtl>jslick: squat ops on oftc ?
<kiedtl>#kisslinux moved to libera, not oftc
<kiedtl>oh, wait, I'm dumb. nevermind.
<kiedtl>Ah, nice :)
<kiedtl>jslick: that's me
<kiedtl>I am zr
<dilyn>friendly reminder to nuke your passwords and emails on freenode :v
<kiedtl>How'd you do that? You can't change it to an invalid email :V
<kiedtl>or wait, I could use a temp
<dilyn>temp mail to the rescue ;)
<kiedtl>Rio6: Yeah, but the email/password overwriting is a precaution in case rasengan gets his claws on old user data as well as current data
<dilyn>probably, but you never know the deal with their infra
<globbot>channel logging requested by kiedtl: https://freenode.logbot.info/kisslinux
<freenodecom>This channel has been reopened with respect to the communities and new users. The topic is in violation of freenode policy: https://freenode.net/policies
<freenodecom>The new channel is ##kisslinux
<chira> /part
<ominous_anonymou>hey guys the official channel has moved to another server, if you were wondering where everyone went
<kiedtl>who the hell sets these modes
<kiedtl>Must have been rasengan's bot
<ominous_anonymou>Yeah that's who set topic and modes in the ## channel
<riteo>oh right this is freenode
<riteo>I'm such an idiot
<ominous_anonymou>hey lolisamurai lolisamurai[m] hellboy2d conkker barpthewire legahc xhe everyone's moved to the other server. please connect there instead.
<kiedtl>Guessing it's orphaned bouncers...?
<ominous_anonymou>at least one for sure
<ominous_anonymou>let's see... one's znc, one's a vps so i imagine some persistent connection whether bouncer or just a client in like... tmux, one's Convos.Chat (which is self-hosted bouncer), one is matrix... so yeah pretty much all bouncers that i guess they're not checking
<inv>wow god damn. irc with a bash script.... ok
<kiedtl>I wish GitHub would give contrib access to birch or something
<ominous_anonymou>torn about that. on the one hand, "just fork it and continue", on the other hand everyone goes to his repo first (justifiably since he wrote it) and there's not really a way to communicate to people that its not the "latest"
<kiedtl>Exactly, that's why I'd prefer to not fork it or anything
<kiedtl>oh well, the /topic is enough
<kiedtl>though long term I hope github lets someone take over dylan's projects (well, not "take over", but give them contrib access or something)
<kiedtl>ideally someone who was previously a heavy contributor
<ominous_anonymou>one would hope if someone is curious enough to use birch that they'd already know to read the topic or would learn quick
<ominous_anonymou>kiedtl i just got booted from liberachat and can't connect back in, is it down?
<kiedtl>um, no...
<kiedtl>looks like a netsplit?
<ominous_anonymou>hm. every server i connect to is failing to identify... but i can log in with kirc
<ominous_anonymou>12:54 -cadmium.libera.chat- *** Checking Ident
<ominous_anonymou>12:54 -cadmium.libera.chat- *** Looking up your hostname...
<ominous_anonymou>12:54 -cadmium.libera.chat- *** Couldn't look up your hostname
<ominous_anonymou>12:54 -cadmium.libera.chat- *** No Ident response
<ominous_anonymou>12:54 -cadmium.libera.chat- *** Notice -- You need to identify via SASL to use this server
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