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<Digit>probably too try-hard with all my colourings and including the background. looks nicer just s/./ /
<Digit>idk if improvement on what it was before. i'm too close to it just now. need to dislodge my head from it for a while.
<merakor>Digit: Those are nice!
<merakor>But I'm actually thinking of changing the entire logo, not just the ASCII one
<merakor>Also, I fixed a bug in CPT and released https://fossil.carbslinux.org/cpt/uv/cpt-6.0.2.tar.xz
<ax>good evening.
<Digit>aw. i had notions of eventually using carbs on my 32bit netbook.
<merakor>I can keep i686, I just thought nobody was interested in it
<Digit>it'd be nice. but i'm not up to competence/reliability to offer any service to that end, and not even "on the case" enough as a user to encourage it from that end either.
<Digit>anyhoo, nice update. looking forward to the monthly updates. :)
<merakor>To be honest, I would like to not drop support, but that is if somebody is using it
<merakor>It's not hard at all to maintain i686, but it is pointless if not even a single person is using it.
<merakor>I don't even need someone else to do the packages, just receiving input when something is broken is enough :D
<merakor>Also yeah, I wanted to focus more on the update posts for a long time, thanks for your kind words
<acheam>sad to hear about switching back to libressl
<acheam>although its understandable
<acheam>(at least its not openssl)
<merakor>acheam: Yeah, it is unfortunate
<merakor>I did like the simplicity of bearssl
<merakor2>I just received an invitation mail from Open Invention Network for Carbs Linux
<merakor2>Skeeming through the member list, there seems to be a variety of other distros as well
<merakor2>What do you think?
<Digit>first glance at their website, corporate embrace.
<mcf>i got the same email for oasis a few months ago
<mcf>i didn't reply since i didn't really see the point for a small 1-person project, and i have no patents...
<mcf>the email seemed like a template they filled in with distributions scraped from distrowatch
<merakor2>Yeah, it was the exact day someone submitted carbs to distrowatch
<merakor2>That's how I learned it too
<merakor2>It is probably a scraper
<Digit>2 fish, 1 says "how's the water?" the other replies "what's water?"... the fish that never jumps out of water, never knows it's in water. *nods*
* Digitwonders about just adding flames, to augment the logo
<merakor2>Lol that sounds really edgy though
<merakor>Digit: What do you say, do I release an i686 tarball?
<Digit>awww... that'd tempt me to try it on my 32bit netbook... ... seems a perfect fit to rice up a neatie light one fit for task. no garuntees though, busy geekloads itching for a gap past my feeblenesses.
<Digit>yeah do it, do it. :D heh.
<merakor>Alright :D
<merakor>Hope my netbook supports UEFI
<merakor>I'm not sure of it
<merakor>I don't want to compile grub
<merakor>By the way, I made a bug-fix release for CPT earlier today
<merakor>It fixes handling Ctrl-C interrupts during downloading package sources
<merakor>Digit: I've released a new tarball for i686 :)
<merakor>Apparently someone forked the repository of Carbs Linux on Sourcehut with the name Linx Linux
<merakor>And I learned that by receiving mail from a failed sourcehut build, and my mail is on the repository build.yml file
<merakor>And the mail this person is committing with isn't even real.
<merakor>Hey there, I'm moving this channel to libera.chat network. My nick on libera is cem.
<mcf>see you there!
<merakor>I'll be dropping my account in a few minutes
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