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<Digit>i see. yup. since i'm only just getting rolling with it now, that[as tarball]'ll be what i had until minutes ago.
<Digit>and i didnt read far enough back in cpt-news probably.
<Digit>oh, or, that kind of thing doesnt appear in cpt-news
<merakor>Yeah, it was written on the post-installation message instead, but I removed the message since it had been months
<merakor>I really should make new tarball
<merakor>I was waiting until I released cpt-6 so now I can get on with that
<Digit>so, in my rspm script, the cpt section now has: install: cpt bi, remove: cpt-remove, update: cpt-update -n # as of cpt >v5.0, upgrade: cpt-update, search: cpt-search. :) i think i'd read online help n got in a muddle with that, confused how it wasnt working, because i hadnt updated because now old problems. all good now (i think).
<merakor>Whoops, I miswrote
<merakor>So basically `cpt-update -o` is apt update
<merakor>`cpt-update -n` is apt upgrade
<merakor>I have also updated the manual pages a lot, so they should be easier to make sense of each tool
<Digit>okies. so cpt-update -n upgrades the installed packages, without prior doing cpt-update -o which updates the list of installable/upgradeable packages, and cpt-update does both... is that right? :)
<merakor>Yeah, that's basically it
* Digitcommits and pushes an update for his script, so it no longer has non-working jank misinfo. :)
<merakor>The release also contains a user manual as an info page, and as plain-text on /usr/share/doc/cpt/cpt.txt
<merakor>I'll also put it up to the website
<Digit>worth considering automating builds n such yet? or all that too infrequent and prone to breaking-changes still?
<merakor>Eh, I don't have the hardware to automate builds, really
<merakor>I would need a build-server for that
<Digit>pitty my big rig died recently or i'd be offering it for that.
<merakor>That's alright, my PC is pretty alright for the job
<Digit>if i get it mended, that 8core 4ghz 32gig, would nom builds.
<merakor>Why did your rig die?
<Digit>yet to get it extracted for diagnosis, mobo, cpu, ram, graphics cards, psu, dust, lightning, idk.
<merakor>My laptop is actually pretty good for the job, it usually takes around 20 minutes to build the rootfs
<Digit>cool. :) the advantages of non-bloat. :)
<merakor>Yeah, exactly
<merakor>That's actually one of the reasons I don't do tarballs a lot
<merakor>Since the rootfs can be updated without spending much time
<Digit>(side story: i mentioned non-bloat in a question (iirc in gtk4's chan) days ago, and got dozens of lines of defensive denial wrangling over what's "bloat". XD damning. nice to be where that's sanely taken.)
<merakor>Bloat has become a buzz-word
<Digit>once upon a time, it was plain, and a necessary concern.
<merakor>Gnome actively tries combine every library and software possible
<Digit>heh. that why they lunged on systemd so fast? "ooh! shiny!"
<Digit>[/sardonic scoffing]
<merakor>Honestly, systemd is the tip of the iceberg
<merakor>And as a person who hates how systemd does things, I can understand the rationale behind it
<merakor>It makes Linux system management Windowsy, which is the selling point
<merakor>I mean, I use Linux to avoid Windowsy
<Digit>and fitting analogy there. "ICEBERG! DEAD AHEAD." & down goes the titanic. and in the analogy, gnome's the iceberg and the titanic, because "Gnome actively tries combine every library and software possible"
<merakor>Lol :D
<Digit>serenityos's dev had a good april fools vid, where they said they'd been going about it all wrong, and so instead of 90's windows/mac interface and unix command line, they were gonna have unix 90's gui and windows command line. much better! lol
<merakor>I though of doing a tasteless April Fools post about switching to systemd, but I was bored halfway writing the post
<Digit>http://ks392457.kimsufi.com/stuff/scrots/2021-04-03-222250_628x968_scrot.png & http://ks392457.kimsufi.com/stuff/neofetch-carbs-006 is my first doodle (well, more like 19th tweak or so). taking a break from it for now. sore bum. oh... and hours have passed. lost chance to go buy food today. n_n
* Digitstreatches legs
<Digit>& taking a break because i think i kinda rat-holed it, n maybe was onto something better in earlier doodlings seen in this construction file http://ks392457.kimsufi.com/stuff/digitscarbsasciidoodlings
<Digit>probably too try-hard with all my colourings and including the background. looks nicer just s/./ /
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